HDTS Helmet Display and Tracking System (ANVIS/HUD®24T)

HDTS Helmet Display and Tracking System

Round-the-Clock Mission Solution

HDTS offers round-the-clock mission solution with advanced day and night display capabilities. Both the day and night displays operate as a single integrated system. The night display is mounted on the NVG and the day display is mounted on the same NVG helmet mount, offering a seamless solution for day and night operations.

Enhanced safety and situational awareness

HDTS improves flight safety and situational awareness by reducing the pilot’s head and eye motion for cockpit scanning. Complicated maneuvers in bad weather and low visibility conditions, low altitudes (NoE) or during night can be performed safely with enhanced survivability.

Customizable display symbols

With independent displays for each pilot displaying critical flight information and multiple symbols related to the specific mission in an intuitive colored scheme, the HDTS offers a customizable solution that is compatible to the cockpit’s instrumentation and displays.